Wheel of Time Haiku and Sweepstakes 2

Well, it’s finally here. January 8, 2013 is a big day. I’m sure you’ve already guessed it from the title above, but I’ll make it official:

The last book in the Wheel of Time series is here!

Yay! I found this series by Robert Jordan “only” about 9 or 10 years ago so I haven’t had to wait more than 20 years like some have for this massive epic series to come to a close. The first book (Eye of the World) was published in January 1990.

It’s a bittersweet ending for me. I’ve enjoyed Robert Jordan’s command of the English language so much that I’m sad to see it come to a close. Even though Mr. Jordan passed away a few years ago, he left enough detailed notes and scattered written pieces of the manuscript behind that Brandon Sanderson has been able to pick up the pieces and finish the last three books. In my opinion, he’s done a wonderful job of keeping the flavor and tone of Jordan’s previous WOT books.

I’m not the only one that has enjoyed the books. Jason Denzel has created an incredible WOT fan site at Dragonmount.com. For all his efforts, I want to spread a little love his way. To celebrate the end of the series, Jason has written a lovely set of WOT haiku verses. You can find them on publisher Tor/Forge’s blog here.

Tor is also celebrating the release with A Memory of Light sweepstakes (items shown below, plus an iPhone cover). You know me — I love giveaways, so here’s the link. Good luck!

Meanwhile, anyone want to go to the bookstore with me tomorrow?

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2 thoughts on “Wheel of Time Haiku and Sweepstakes

    • admin

      Oh, yes. I definitely understand that. I have collected hard covers for all 14 books in the series and I really want to start again with #1–which is one of my fav books of all time. But…it would take me a few months to get through 13 800-pg books and I already have #14 in hand. The temptation is too great so I’m reading 14 but I still want to go back and start over when I’m finished. My danger is sacrificing writing time to read. That’s so easy for me to do.