Who Took The DragonCon Cosplay Pics?

Ah, DragonCon, how I love thee…

Well, I probably would love it if I ever went, but Atlanta is a bit far this year and…well… Ok. I’ll stop making excuses. The fact of the matter is that I would LOVE to go to DragonCon one of these days. Especially now that I’ve found out it could very well be in the running for the Best Cosplay Venue Ever!

I came across some fabulous pictures over at Tor.com and while I’d love to post them here for you, I don’t want to step on any toes. But if you care about cosplay at all, you really should follow this link and check out all the incredible costumes on display in this year’s parade. I’m not paid to say that — I just think they are simply amazing costumes. If anyone knows who took the pictures, please thank them for me.

Meanwhile, the closest I can get today is to bring you a picture of my daughter’s Legend of Zelda sword. Does that count?

(The sketches of Link were drawn by some amazing guy we found at the fair. I wish I knew his name too.)
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