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summaelveticaSumma Elvetica: A Casuistry of the Elvish Controversy is a unique fantasy that thoroughly explores themes of redemption and theology. The story is set in a medieval world populated with men and elves, among other creatures. In this world, mankind is dominated by a powerful Church, which to me was reminiscent of the Roman Catholic church. In Summa Elvetica, the Most Sanctified Charity IV leader of the Church decides the time has come to decide whether elves have souls. If they do, the Church will be obligated to bring the Holy Word of the Immaculate to them. If they do not, however, a holy war is sure to ensue, a war that will allow certain powerful but greedy men to seize the ancient wealth of the elvish kingdoms. At the heart of the matter lies Marcus Valerius, a young nobleman and rising scholar in the Church. However, he is young, inexperienced, and totally unprepared to face the beauty of the elves. Throw in a planned betrayal awaiting the young Marcus and the stage is set for an intriguing story.

Summa Elvetica was one of the first titles published last year by Marcher Lord Press, a new imprint launched by Jeff Gerke, a leading authority in Christian science fiction and fantasy. Marcher Lord Press has recently launched its second set of titles. To see information on Marcher Lord Press’s other titles, click here.

If you would like a chance to win a copy of Summa Elvetica, leave a comment to this post. I will draw one winner’s name on June 29.

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