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enclavesm1This is Part 2 of a 3-day review. Part 1 can be found here.

I first found Karen Hancock on the shelf of my local Christian book store when I spotted “The Light of Eidon,” the first book in her Legends of the Guardian King series. After I read TLOE, I purchased and read the second book in the series, “The Shadow Within.” Then I kind of forgot about the books — after all, the last book in the series had not yet been published.

When the last book in the series hit the shelves, I dusted off the first two books, re-read them and then gobbled up the last two books in the series, “Shadow Over Kiriath” and “Return of the Guardian King.” Having finished the four-book series, I checked online to see if Karen had published anything else. Sure enough, I found that Karen’s debut book, “Arena”, was an adult science fiction book that, sadly, was no longer on the market. In that instance, I only have one word to say: Ebay! I tracked down a copy and was no disappointed for my efforts. Now I’m pleased to continue my collection of Karen Hancock novels with the addition of “The Enclave” to my library. This one’s keeper for a re-read later.

Karen’s latest effort is another stellar example of well-written fiction. I tried to pace myself, but once I reached one-third of the way through, I was hopelessly hooked and couldn’t put the book down until I had finished.

Come back tomorrow for another look at Karen Hancock and her fiction. For a chance to win a copy of “The Enclave”, leave a comment after this post. I will draw one lucky winner on Monday, July 27.

For more info on The Enclave, here is the Amazon link:

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