Words of Radiance Wallpaper

The countdown continues until the release of Brandon’s Sanderson‘s new epic book, Words of Radiance, Book 2 in the Stormlight Archive series. Tor, the publisher, is keeping us in suspense by doling out little treats here and there to make sure we’re not going to forget. Yeah, as if.

If, like me, you are tapping your foot waiting for the new book, perhaps this will ease your impatience a bit. Over on the Tor website, you can download wallpaper for the new books, both the gorgeous outside cover as well as the equally impressive inside endpapers. But then again, with Michael Whelan as the artist, how could you expect anything less than beautiful?

I admit that my current laptop sports these wallpapers on my desktop. If you’d like to get copies of your own, here are the links:


Front cover, with and without words


Inside Endpapers

Now, we just have to wait until the release date — March 4 — so we can see them in person!

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