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Time to wake up and smell the coffee

First of all, I have to say that I don’t like New Year’s resolutions. Being the cautious perfectionist that I am, I don’t want to make a goal that I can’t keep and thus set myself up for failure. So this year I wasn’t planning to make any huge, sweeping resolutions. Let’s keep it realistic, shall we?

But then I started thinking about it and I realized that there actually are a few things that I’d like to accomplish this year. (Imagine that?) Having decided that, I might as well step out and put it out there in order to hold myself accountable. If nothing else, I can scare myself into accomplishment. He he…

So…it might seem a bit late for a New Year’s post, but if I’ve reached the middle of January and still want to hold the course, maybe the goals will stick, right? (Did I mention I’m a scaredy-cat perfectionist? Yeah. I thought so.)

So here goes.

1. Write1Sub1 — At a writer’s conference in San Diego last fall I met Milo Fowler, founder of Write1Sub1, an online support group that bands together to write and submit at least one short story every week or every month (your choice). After speaking with Milo, I caught the bug. In fact, I caught it so badly that I plunged into a frenzy of writing Christmas shorts in December, telling myself I was just gearing up for 2013. So I have decided to take the Write1Sub1 Monthly challenge. I’m happy to say that I do have a short story, Deathchaser, coming out in May (but I technically can’t count that for January since I wrote it in November).

2. Blogger’s Lament — What, do you ask, is the Blogger’s Lament? It is: “I really should post more.” That’s all there is to it. Instead of grand goals of 3-5 times a week I’ve decided to go for once a week. Consistency here is the name of the game.

3. One more edit — In 2012, I had the pleasure to have a junior high class read and review my fantasy novel The Lightstone of Perlan. I loved what they had to say and will be incorporating their comments into that manuscript in the first part of this year. Then I’ll lay it aside in order to…

4. Finish edits — My work in progress needs to have final edits completed. By the end of the year, my sci-fi Soul Designers should be finished.

5. Christmas anthology — As I mentioned above, I went into a writing frenzy in December and wrote several short stories that I posted on my blog for Christmas. Now I want to collect them together, edit them and add a few more to create a Christmas anthology to be released for next Christmas.

So, yes, there are other things going on in my life too, but these are my writing goals. Now, back to that short story I’m writing for January.

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