You Know You’re a Fantasy Nut When… 1

I saw this posted by Rebecca Miller at the Speculative Faith website, but it was originally posted by Ëarwen at her blog. I thought it was fun and deserved re-posting. Thanks, Ëarwin!

You know you’re a fantasy nut when…

You and your friends speak *your* language, not english

You are shocked when you meet someone who has never seen The Lord of the Rings

All you want for your birthday is the latest christian fantasy book, a slice of cake, and thou

You go around offering to teach people elvish (Sindarin or Quenya? One lump or two?)

When you read a verse in the Bible and shout “That’s like my character, when…” (has happened, by the way!!)

You are past your fifteenth birthday and still read ‘Grimm’s fairy tales’ for inspiration

You drink tea out of your favorite ‘alice in wonderland’ oversized teacup (I have one! =D)

You can’t watch a good fantasy movie without writing your own fanfiction to go with it

You drool every time you hear Howard Shore’s music

You are adamant that Legolas does NOT look like a girl!

You are shopping for your archery things and you keep saying “I want Susan’s Arm Guard in Prince Caspian” and “I want Legolas’s quiver!”

You are determined to name your little girl Galadriel and your little boy Eragon (or Sienna and Eristor)

Someone asks you what your favorite animal is and you say “DRAGONS!”

You hardly know the meaning of the word ‘non fiction’

You search the Bible looking for names to name your fantasy characters (I found two, perfect for stupid henchmen – Lud and Phut! they were actually doomed cities.. haha! But forget Mahershalalhashbaz)

You are more excited about the new Vision Forum dvd ‘Science Fiction: Reclaiming the Genre for Christ’ than you are about the new Pixar movie (so that one’s more Sci-fi – I love that, too!)

Every time you wear a ring, you call it your precious (sss)

Your favorite exclamations are “Fool of a Took!” and “Forth Eorlingas!”

You MUST have everything with a Celtic design or leaves on it, because it’s positively Elvish

Every time you see an eagle you shout “Gwaihir!”

You respect moths for some odd reason…

You speak elvish more often than english (wishful thinking on my part)

You see someone with exceptionally pale skin and are convinced they are a Glimpse

Every time you and your sibling say something at the exact same time you shout “Nock and Bolt syndrome!” (in me and my little sister’s case, we go “KYS!” for ‘Kayle and Yane Syndrome!’)

When a star is shining especially bright you say “Second star to the right, and straight on till morning…”

Your dearest wish is that you could fly (always has been, always will be)

You think that you have both elvish AND hobbit somewhere in your family tree… (Glorfindel and Daisy Cotton, for instance…)

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